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29-Mar-2020 07:34

“People in Seattle are laid back, which is generally a good thing, but it can have adverse effects when that mentality transfers into the dating world as well.

While I don’t want to make gross generalizations, I find that some men approach dating in Seattle more passively and informally than I have seen in other metropolitan cities where the lifestyle is more fast-paced in general.” Where are the best places to go on a date in Seattle?

As a man of self-made success, he wants the best return on his investment in business and in love.

show more Millionaire bachelors, looking for your match? 4M Club is an elite, offline matchmaking relationship business based out of Seattle, and we accept qualified clients throughout the United States.4M Club represents beautiful, single women nationwide—hailing from Seattle, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco, Miami, and pretty much all over—but the majority are West Coast based or in major cities elsewhere.

Education: BA, Colorado College; MS (Comparative Social Policy), University of Oxford. Given that it’s also one of the fastest growing cities, it’s transient by nature with a lot of new people moving into the city, startups popping up, companies expanding, restaurants opening, etc.” What’s the worst part of dating in Seattle?“At the beginning of a relationship, I’m more of a traditionalist and like grabbing coffee, a drink, or a bite to eat.She's more than just a pretty face: she’s confident, charismatic, and also intelligent.She wants a man who understands her need for security and appreciates her worth.

The aspiring woman not only supports him in all pursuits, but also adds value and adventure to his life.

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