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Please try again later as the restrictions may be lifted, or contact your service provider if the issue persists.'Poor Simon, he never gave up his belief that he would get a second chance at fame,' said one of Simon Dee's closest friends when I told her last night that Britain's first television chat-show legend had died at the age of 74.I'd be tempted to say that nothing in Scary Movie 5 is funny, but the outtakes that play over the closing credits show multiple cast members struggling to keep from laughing, so obviously I'm mistaken. Maybe there was a problem with the projection at my theater?

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simon rex ashley tisdale dating-64

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To bond with one of the little girls, Jody resumes her ballet career (there's your Black Swan), which leads to nothing worthwhile in terms of story, parody, or laughter.I'll spend a paragraph telling you the plot, thereby giving it more attention than the filmmakers did.Jody (Ashley Tisdale) and her husband Dan (Simon Rex) become the caretakers of Dan's brother's children, and creepy things start to happen in their house.That it should have been produced and co-written by David Zucker -- one of the minds responsible for Airplane! , and Naked Gun, and the guy who revitalized the Scary Movie franchise -- adds a tinge of sadness to it.