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Sephardim: Ladino speaking Jews whose ancestors lived on the Iberian peninsula prior to the 1492 Expulsion. (Notes: [1] A variant of Ladino is "haketia" that is spoken by Sephardim of Moroccan and other North African communities.[2] There are differences among scholars on the appropriate name for the language spoken by Sephardim.They are often difficult to trace or date, and so the boundary of this listing will necessarily remain fluid.This is a preliminary discography, currently restricted largely to those programs which are primarily Sephardic songs.It does, however, include a variety of older & obscure material which is gathered here in preparation for a future extensive listing.

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But in the subsequently published studies in academic journals specific names were not required for the purposes of the papers and were omitted.

Historical: Ladino, Arabic, Haketia, Judeo-Portuguese, Berber, Catalanic, Shuadit, local languages Modern: Local languages, primarily Hebrew, French, English, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, Italian, Ladino, Arabic.‎ Y'hudey Spharad, lit.