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This determination is based on investigation and review of available personal data and a finding that access is clearly consistent with national interests. Clearances may be at the TOP SECRET, SECRET, or CONFIDENTIAL level.Requests for clearances are sent to the Personnel Security Management Office for Industry (PSMO-I) which can issue interim clearances for industry personnel on behalf of the Do D and User Agencies under the National Industrial Security Program. citizen may be issued a Limited Access Authorization for access to classified information. HOW LONG DOES A PERSONNEL SECURITY CLEARANCE REMAIN IN EFFECT?Adjudicators can use the ADR to help them reach their decisions, but they are not required to follow the recommendations in the ADR. are provided for consideration in the context of all the other information available about the person.The ADR contains the following definitions and guidance regarding the minimum amount of time that should pass before drug involvement can be mitigated by “passage of time without recurrence”: The following examples of time periods [of abstinence] that might mitigate various types and frequencies of past drug use . They are not a formula to be applied mechanically in all cases.

Only those persons who have a bona fide need to know, and who possess a personnel security clearance at the same or higher level as the classified information to be disclosed.

The clearance level and the classified information to be accessed are determined by the granting federal agency.