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24-Aug-2020 07:00

Live chat We provide services to people who are hard of hearing, profoundly deaf, and who have sensory impairment We support adults to live in the community with all aspects of daily living, offering a unique service as all staff use BSL ( British Sign Language) to break down communication barriers.

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Federal laws impose restrictions on issuing credit cards to individuals under 21 unless the applicant has the independent ability to repay debt or has a co-signer over the age of 21 who agrees to accept joint liability for the account.

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But a recent scam-o-gram from another Kindly Contributor who uses Deaf Relay prompts us to post it now. We don't have inside knowledge and can't comment on the remarks about Sprint et al., but you will find this all interesting reading.The following web sites have been recommended to Scamorama as resources on the deaf relay scam: what the Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Speech Disabled use to speak to the hearing community.A person with a text telephone or more recently, an internet connection can call a Relay Service and the operator dials the number for them and relays the text conversation to the hearing person and types back to the deaf person what the hearing person says.For more information on the “NGT Lite” app, please visit

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