Modern world dating

12-Aug-2020 17:14

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We are creating stories of our fantasies because we are too scared to make them a reality.Now, I am sure that there have been thriving relationships through interacting with someone online, but it doesn’t seem ideal.Why are we so worried to say the first few words to a new person who's walked into our lives?From coming to the door with flowers, to getting a quick text that reads “I’m here," and we have suddenly grown to accept and expect that type of interaction.

It goes on like this for hours, and then you find yourself questioning whether or not you should text and say you had a good time.You post, anonymously, on The Fit Finder, something along the lines of: ‘Male, brown hair, black sunglasses, cute as button.’ You then sit tight and hope the shades-wearing cutie might also log on, and notice your affections.It’s a novel form of romantic proposition and one that swiftly follows on from the online dating craze.These apps are most popular among students between the ages of 21 and 25 with a rate of 57 percent saying that they have used some form of online dating.