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Discussions that turn to heated arguments must be taken to a private message forum. Strings of four or more emoticons or other non-word characters are considered SPAM and will be removed by a Moderator. As a courtesy to others, please do not use ALL CAPS for your posts. Moderators are present to moderate this chat room and to make it an enjoyable and educational experience for the public.Please respect their role and allow them to deal with any difficulties that may arise. Please use a viewer's login name and not their real name in case they wish to remain anonymous. Failure to follow these Rules may result in action by Moderator(s) which may include: Timing Out the viewer (unable to post for a limited time), Kicking the viewer out (unable to access chat for a limited time), deletion of offensive posts and the Banning of the viewer from access to the IWS chat room permanently.For players in the AIR client, this process is as simple as opening a chat window through your buddy list.Players in-game will be able to send messages to players in the Pv client, or even in other games of League of Legends by making use of the following chat commands, followed by a message: Please read this section completely if you want to change this file.

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As such, chat should be focused primarily on bald eagles.Lo L Chat is 100% safe and currently the only one League of Legends chat client that is working on Windows Phone.If you have any questions, suggestions or you experienced a bug, please contact me at [email protected] am NOT affiliated with Riot Games or League of Legends. Logs me out every time i leave the app, even without exiting the app. I appreciate the effort they put in to make the app in the first place, but its hard to have a conversation when it crashes frequently.Version number: 2016.219.1345.2582 changes: - You can choose theme in settings - General bug fixes changes: - UI Update - Improved Brazilian Portuguese translation - Added My other Lo L apps section changes: - General bug fixes changes: - General bug fixes - Improved italian translation changes: - General bug fixes - Added semantic zoom to contacts changes: - New logo and splash screen - Added ability to show contact profile - Added ability to add custom server - General GUI changes - General improvements It's alright. Could use work but it gets the job done Crashes frequently. Very useful, glad we have this application since Riot denied WP users from their official mobile app.