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15-Apr-2020 23:34

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The control enables a user to make use of LINQ in an ASP.

NET web page conveniently by property setting in the markup text.

The control does this without requiring you to write SQL Commands to perform these tasks. The Open Access Linq Data Source class exposes an event model that enables you to handle customized scenarios.

The Open Access Linq Data Source control supports data binding scenarios in Web Applications that use Telerik Data Access.

NET web page form, it is essential to open the Microsoft Visual Studio Toolbox and drag and drop LINQData Source control to page of ASP. Now add a Grid View Control to the page and configure it like shown in below figure.

The Open Access Linq Data Source control, resides in the Telerik. Web.40 assembly, which is delivered to you by the Telerik. LINQ provides a unified programming model for querying and updating data from different types of data sources.

In this article I will show you how to Select, Insert, Update, Delete data using Linq Data Source control.

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From next dialog box choose table and columns you want to bind grid view .After that add a Linq Data Source to the file on clicking on that add data souce that will automatically come on that. After that add the grid view and choose the datasource. Member Level: Member Status: Member Member Since: 8/3/2012 AMCountry: India G. You can retrieve or modify the data without having to write SQL commands for each operation.

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The Linq Data Source control enables you to use LINQ in an ASP. The Linq Data Source control uses LINQ to SQL to automatically generate the data commands. NET and connect your database using Server Explorer. Now drag and drop Linq Data Source and Grid View control from toolbox. Here is my page code for showing data in grid view. You do not have to specify SQL commands, because the Linq Data Source control uses dynamically created commands for those operations. Put Grid View Data Source ID = Linq Data Source IDFigure9. With the Linq Data Source control, you can create Web pages that enable users to update, insert, and delete data.LINQData Source is very similar to that of controls like Sql Data Source as well as Object Data Source as it can be used in binding other ASP. So, we must have a database to explain the various functions invoked by the LINQData Source Control.