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Confused and lacking guidance from her family, she made the decision to keep the identity of the child a secret from the father.In fact, Brown may never have discovered that he was a father had the mother not applied for benefits from the state. I got so frustrated trying to finish this in Flash because I came across so many problems! EDITED: I've finally went and put up a cheat sheet for this game if you guys want to get a certain ending. Near the end it will count up all the points and give you the ending with the most points. Sasu Naru Dating Game Cheat Sheet I wish I didn't have to make this because I'm just a lazy ass, but that was why I made the Secrets option in the game so that you guys had to figure out which question gave what answer.

PS: extra love to Eren Jaeger from Bowser THANK YOU GUYS, YOU ARE THE SWEETEST!! Just wanted to say, congratulations to all of you guys - the Shingeki group and the Card Captor group - on your awards!!

He strives to one day become Hokage after his idol, Naruto Uzumaki.