Kim heechul dating ivy

16-Apr-2020 00:52

I was just so quiet, minding my own business so people thought that I hated girls.

Although I’m different/weird, I never lay a finger on them.

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In 2007, back when the nation was swept with the 'Ivy Syndrome,' a scandal between Ivy and Heechul broke out, claiming that the two had a romantic relationship.

When asked if he had a scandal before, Heechul answered, “There are some people who think that I haven’t had a scandal yet, but there are a few [I’ve been connected to] that are known and some that aren’t.” When the MC asked if there’s a certain celebrity he wish to have a dating scandal with, Kim Heechul answered, “If I were to say a person’s name right now, it means that I wouldn’t want to date them.

Heechul appeared on the April 21 edition of '4 Things Show' and once again talked about his super close friendship with Taeyeon.

My secret: kissing Namwon (a male classmate).2) -Heechul was featured in a teen magazine article before he debuted, something along the lines of a personal ad.

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In contrast I’m popular amongst men.7)-Hee Chul: There were rumors saying that I hated girls.

I wondered why there was no reaction from her."Another close friend, Son Dam Bi, stated, "Heechul never bought his girlfriend a present. Whenever he's choosing [one], they're all things women hate.