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But I gotta tell you, after a couple of years of being out on the road with three other guys in a van..have a real appreciation of somebody coming to your trailer door and saying, "Mr.

You originally got your start on Broadway, and now you’re working more in TV.

They’ll be like, “That was the best thing we’ve ever heard.” And I’m like, “I bet.” What sort of music did you listen to growing up? When I was a kid, I loved the Spice Girls; when I got older, I listened to the radio, and I loved Pink and Avril Lavigne and all that.

But I really developed a strong taste in older music, I would say, when I hit maybe 14, 15?

The biggest difference is that [for TV] the audience is still just extras so, no matter what I do on stage, they’ll think it’s better than anything they’ve ever seen.

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I actually filmed my first movie in Greece.” When asked what makes their relationship so strong, Corbett smiled and said, “I think it’s me.” Bo laughed, “It’s definitely him!

A lot of 70s music, a lot of singer-songwriter, a lot of classic rock, and some folk. I also listened to a lot of jazz, and of course I would listen to musical soundtracks growing up, too.