Incapability of accommodating

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Just like there is no absolute definition of "intelligence", there is no absolute definition of "complexity"; the only consensus among researchers is that there is no agreement about the specific definition of complexity.However, a characterization of what is complex is possible. His style is sometimes accounted obscure and not sufficiently polished. St Jerome, whose competence no one will deny, exclaims in one of his letters: "Quid Tertulliano eruditius, quid acutius; Apologeticus ejus et contra Gentes libri cunctam saeculi continent disciplinam" In his view, Tertullian was to the Latins what Origen was to the Greeks: "Who was more learned than this man? So much so, that all philosophy, all the different sects of the philosophers, their founders, their adherents, and the systems defended by the latter, history and science under their multiple forms----all these, the wonderful extent of his intellect embraced. Nowadays we have become more scrupulous and harder to please, and are sometimes tempted to find it superficial, unreliable and second-hand. And it was for Tertullian's knowledge that it was especially felt. ." His praise of him goes on increasing in ample measure, to end, it is true, in regret that a man so eminent made so bad an ending and could become "a great temptation" in the Church. It will appear still more so if we compare it to that of the most learned pagans of his time.

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