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01-May-2020 20:54

And in the process of filming Hunting Hitler, which starts on the History channel on Monday, November 2, the producers have made a discovery that may change the way in which Hitler’s demise is viewed by historians.

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Seething with anger at Germany’s defeat, Hitler was employed as a V-Man.

The terms of the Treaty of Versailles only added to Hitler’s anger during this period in his life.

Hitler also worked within the Education Department of the army and his task here was to lecture returning soldiers on the dangers of communism, socialism and pacifism.

The programmemakers describe the discovery of the wall as their “eureka moment”.

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Last year, the FBI declassified 700 confidential documents.

With their genius for sadism, the Nazis then imposed a fine of one billion Deutsche mark against the Jews to pay for the damages the Germans had inflicted.