Gpupdate force not updating

25-Mar-2020 00:21

This can be applied to computer boot and/or user logon. If the time limit is exceeded, the command prompt returns, but policy processing continues.(see /Target) /Target: Update only User or only Computer policy settings default = both /Wait: The number of seconds to wait for policy processing. /Logoff and /Boot will have no effect if there are no client-side extensions called that require a logoff/reboot.

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Windows Server 2012 Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) has a new feature that allows administrators to remotely force a Group Policy refresh on all computers in an Active Directory (AD) Organizational Unit (OU).Some group policy client-side extensions are only processed at startup ( Software Install) /Sync Apply the next foreground policy synchronously (in the background).Syntax GPUpdate [/Force] [/Logoff] [/Boot] [/Sync] [/Target:] [/Wait:value] Key: /Force Apply all policy settings, not just those that have changed.

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/Logoff Logoff after the Group Policy settings have been updated.Just an FYI, this will only answer no to one question.If GPUpdate asked multiple times to reboot then it will, using this example, hang waiting for an answer. The ability to send remote commands is a free feature.