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02-May-2020 20:35

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While my dog was out, they also checked her ears, anal glands, and clipped her nails (for free). I was told that any extractions would be each, unless it was a larger back tooth that required stitches. I put some money aside every month for vet bills but this was way more than I could save. They have also found 2 eupulis tumors in her mouth.They said that I would not be charged for any loose front incisors that came out easily. When I asked why, I was told this was due to them owning their own scaling equipment. Harley, who is 15, is still in surgery as I write this. We said to go ahead and remove those for pathology.also doing one nail a night can help the dog get used to having his nails cut, try to sneak up on him when he is already sleeping and give a fast clip of one nail.Another option is just to bring the dog to the vet and having a vet tech do it.There are alot of things that could go wrong if you do not know how to euthanize.I think in AR, a trained person or a vet are the only people leagally able to euthanize.

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Benadryl can make a dog sleepy so that may help as well.

Hi,, Most dogs do not like to have their nails trimmed and it takes a bit of training to get them used to it.