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" What he meant was that why do we place so heavy an emphasis on the uniqueness of people of two different phenotypes dating and/or marrying each other? D.--if you take UW-Milwaukee most the blacks there are females, but they are still only few in number)I mean..really isn't that big of a deal but I think the complexions tend to stand out, particularly with people of dark skin, so people notice it more. It's's the same thing as white skin dating white skin and dark skin dating dark skin, etc. You find someone you like being with and you keep it going. I remember a long time ago a Brazilian asked a question of Americans online, "What is it with you Americans and this 'interracial marriage' thing? And I'm a product of black/white interracial marriage. Especially by a major news program airing in the United States. Because I thought about the sprawling abject poverty dark skinned Brazilian women often live in beside dark skinned Brazilian men?

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If you’re not strong enough to do this, if you care too much about what he says or she said when you, a 28 year-old Latin woman walked by with your Malaysian boyfriend, then maybe interracial dating isn’t for you.

“I’ve dated interracially for years now and it’s just not a big deal for me.